Month: August 2023

Things to Consider When Installing Residential and Commercial Electrical Systems

Commercial electrical installations differ from residential ones. They have higher load demands, unique energy needs and a different setup. Malls, hospitals, and retail establishments are among the projects completed by commercial electricians like Ampi Electric Inc. They possess the professional credentials and licensing needed for residential electricians. Additionally, they employ heavier machinery and supplies than…

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An Electrical Contracting Company Needs To Have This Quality

P2 Electrical Contracting are tasked with installing, repairing and maintaining energy and power systems. They also keep up with construction codes and technological updates related to electrical wiring. They use their organizational skills to schedule appointments with clients, maintain their tools and ensure they have the right materials for each project. Contractors must also have…

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Why an inverter generator?

Why an inverter generator? Generators generate electricity by converting gasoline or propane to electrical energy. It also has an inverter, DC rectifiers, and an alternator to convert that energy into usable electrical power. It also uses a harmonic distortion filter to remove AC current. This is important because distorted signals can damage sensitive devices such…

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